6 Ways to Reduce Your Summer Power Bill

For every home, the power bill changes seasonally. In some regions, winter is the costliest time because everyone's running their heaters on full-blast. But if you live somewhere with hot, hot summers then you know the pain of the summer power bill. Cranking up the AC is necessary, but there are ways to help lessen how much that cool comfort costs you.

Today, we're here to explore six easy and effective ways to lower your summertime power bills.

1) Change the HVAC Filter

When your AC draws in air to cool, it does so through your HVAC air filter. When that air filter gets clogged, the AC has to work harder to do its job which uses up more electricity. And that winds up on your power bill. If you've never even looked at your HVAC air filter, then it's probably overdue for a change and all your heating or cooling expenses are being inflated.

Change that filter every three to nine months to keep your power bill where it ought to be and improve the efficiency of your AC.

2) Hang Shady Curtains

Why does your AC have to run constantly in the summer? Because the sunshine beats down on your house, warming it up. A lot of heat comes in through your windows, which let the warm sun directly into the house. You can do a lot to keep your room temperature cool by putting up shady curtains that block the sun from getting indoors.

This way, your AC won't have to work as hard to keep your cool rooms cooled in spite of the sun's best efforts. shady curtains can be any style you want, from nailed-up blankets to lovely filmy curtains on a sliding rod. Whatever works for your home, your style, and your budget.

3) Adjust the Thermostat Temp

The cost to run your AC is directly related to the distance between the temp outdoors and the temp on your thermostat. The lower your thermostat is set in the summer, the more your AC will cost because it's working hard to fight the local temp. Just like it's practical to cool the house down in the winter, you ought to keep the house a little warmer in the summer.

Keeping the house between 70 and 77 in the summer also makes it more comfortable for residents to wear summer clothes like bathing suits and t-shirts indoors without freezing their bare shoulders off.

4) Backyard BBQs

One really fun way to reduce your electricity use in the summer is to stop using the stove or microwave as much. Instead, take more of your meals grilled or char-broiled on the backyard grill. Coals or propane cost less per meal than running the oven for an hour and it's a wonderful way to enjoy the warm summer evenings together with family, neighbors, and friends.

5) Air-Dry Laundry

The dryer is one of your biggest electricity eaters in the whole house, next to the fridge and the AC. It takes a lot of electricity to heat and tumble-dry a load of wet towels. But summer is the perfect time to get a little old-school. Enjoy the summer air and save a few bucks by hanging up your laundry on clotheslines in the backyard this summer.

You'll enjoy the meditation and your family will enjoy the fresh breezy laundry that results. Just be sure to bring your laundry in or opt for the dryer during those occasional summer rains.

6) Enjoy Some Natural Light

Finally, there are your lights. Everyone knows that turning off the lights can save on electricity so you turn the lights off when you leave a room. But in the summer, many homes don't need lights on at all during the day. If you're just moving through a room between one task and the next, why bother turning on the light? Gleaming sunlight through the windows can easily illuminate your path and even provide a pleasant naturally lit place to hang out.

Saving money this summer doesn't have to mean abandoning your air conditioned comfort. With these tricks and more, you can reduce your power use this summer and, as a result, the heft of your summer power bill. For more practical financial tips, contact us today!